VerDeSoft GmbH

Sketch of a packaging idea

Creative brainstorming and concept development

Based on a more or less detailed briefing we develop innovative packaging solutions according to the given request using special creative techniques. The results are graphically displayed concepts with a rough description of materiality, shape and processing.

Cup design

Packaging development

Once the packaging material is basically set, we translate the product message into an attractive shape and present the corresponding packaging solution in a detailed form design.

3D-Visualisation of a Q-tips dispenser


In the beginning of the developing process 3D-visualisations help to represent the packaging idea as realistic as possible. In contrast to physical prototypes those visualisations enable to easily show new concepts made of different materials, colors, layouts and various details.

Sample of original material

Prototypes, dummies, mock-ups

A visualisation cannot replace a physical prototype. Therefore it’s always beneficial to produce prototypes, dummies or mock-ups matching the actual production process and requirements coming from the packaging lines.
To demonstrate shape, size and appearance of a new idea, we produce prototypes as blanks or with coherent graphic design. Digitally printed or subsequently refined dummies and mock-ups serve as a basis for consumer surveys or internal discussions.

Small series of slip lids

Industrial samples and small series

In the entire process we also cover the manufacturing of industrial samples and small series, being produced on small-scale machines matching the future packaging line in a serial production. As a result we offer samples made of the original material, which can be used to do stability and transport trials as well as elaborate costumer surveys.

Technical planning

The engineering of automation technology or new packaging line concepts are created by our sister company VerDeTec. (see This is where technical solutions for processing and line automation attuned to the innovative packaging concepts are developed.

Flyer development workshops

Development workshops

Based on a more or less detailed briefing new and innovative packaging and product concepts are cross-functionally developed and within 2-3 days subsequently elaborated to 3D-mock-ups, dummies or physical prototypes.

Sketching and Scribbling of new packaging ideas

Sketching and Scribbling of new packaging ideas

The easiest way to communicate new concepts to company members or clients is a significant sketch or scribble that adds value to the idea. Workshop members are taught how to draw up strong and convincing concepts using simple but efficient sketching techniques.
The workshop is set up in two sections which last one day each.