VerDeSoft GmbH

14. July 2015, 13:59

Our new packaging solution for pet food: Snap&Feed

Snap&Feed is the new convenient packaging concept for pet food. The
conventional pet feeding procedure begins with opening an aluminum
container or a bag with a single-serving pet food, then requires
transferring the food into a separate dish by squeezing or using
a spoon and ends with cleaning the dish
again and again. Snap&Feed is an overall feeding solution.
The system contains single-servings of pet food packed in
bowl-shaped plastic containers, which are placed and locked into a special bowl holder.
For feeding only pull o the lid, when nished remove the bowl and next time do the same with a second serving.
It’s that easy. No mess and sticky ngers while decanting food,
no dirty, smelling pet dishes in your at, no cleaning.
Just Snap&Feed!